SolPortfolio for the financial industry

SolPresent SolReport SolBoard SolAct

SolPortfolio comprises packaged document-centric solutions aligned to standard document types and best practices associated with the banking and insurance industry. SolPortfolio sits on top of DocFamily and/or ComFoundation offering a front-end for the production of standard documents such as PowerPoint presentations, Client Reports, Client Onboarding documents, and Corporate Actions.

With SolPortfolio’s vertical integration to existing business applications, consumer facing financial specialists can create business communications without IT dependence. With a SolPortfolio solution implementation, companies can expect a return on investment (ROI) within 12 months, with increased customer service levels and decreased costs.

SolPortfolio Solutions are influenced by market requirements with new solutions developed to meet business demands. SolPortfolio currently comprises: SolReport for private banks and wealth managers to create high-quality, customized and personalized Client Reports, SolPresent for sales and field staff to develop, display and distribute sales presentations,  and SolFinance for highly individualized, automated and compliant credit documents.


  • Empowering business customer facing users
  • Fast return on investment – within first year
  • Simple and quick implementation
  • Shorter time to market
  • Improved and faster response times
  • Fewer errors, thereby improving quality
  • Reduced cost of maintenance and care
  • Efficient content management workflows