Our Services for You

At Assentis, we believe in partnering with our customers. Our Services team collaborates at the very early stages with our customers, to understand their specific customer communication needs. Then the project teams together design, develop and deploy a customized solution.

Our Professional Services Team comprises Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Product Specialists, Solution Architects, Integration Experts, Trainers and Consultants. Customer and project requirements define client engagements, and may be either all-inclusive from discovery to deployment and beyond, or may be as minimal as training customers to configure and deploy our solutions.

Assentis focuses on product specific services for the successful introduction and integration of DocFamily, ComFoundation, and SolPortfolio, within customer environments. We facilitate implementation, documentation, and knowledge transfer, training and support.

Our experienced services team compliments customer project teams at professional and technical levels. We support our customers with tailor-made consultancy services within our solution offering:

Consulting Services

Technical Services

Proof of Concept Product Installation and Configuration
Phase 0 (Flash Assessment) Product Integration
Detailed Analysis and Design of:
  • Application & customer communication processes
  • Architecture blueprint
  • Concept development
  • Document analysis and architecture
Template Development
Training and Knowledge Transfer, at
  • Assentis Training Center
  • Customer Site
Performance Optimizing
Project Management of Assentis Projects Development of Custom Customer-Specific Extensions
Project Consultancy (architecture, deployment and document review) Migration (from DocFamily older versions, or existing solutions)
Release Consulting (advantages of the new release specific to customer implementation)  
Migration Analysis (between DocFamily, release, or existing solutions)  

Our services can either be end-to-end for an entire project or on a task basis, depending on customer team expertise and project requirements. Engagements are based on a time and materials basis, offering customers a control on project investments.

Our goal is to ensure that the necessary expertise, experience, methods and tools are available to our customers to ensure a successful implementation of our solution within estimated budgets and timeline.

We ensure an adequate transfer of knowledge through our training programs. Assentis offers courses and training modules at regular intervals, based on the User Role interacting with the solution, such as:

  • DocWrite training for Business Users and Administrators
  • DocBase training for IT and Administrators
  • DocDesign training for Designers and IT

In addition, we offer the following training courses on request:

  • XML / XPath: We recommend attending this training if you do not have any experience with this theme.
  • Assentis DocFamily Operator Training: You will learn how to administrate the Assentis software pack.

For questions about our Training Programs, please contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .