DocFamily: Powerful, yet simple and easy-to-use

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DocFamily offers a modern and holistic customer communication solution. Whether mass, on-demand, or interactive communications, DocFamily’s easy and extensive integration with all existing internal systems and processes, increases efficiencies and helps companies secure sustainable competitive advantage in servicing their customers.

DocFamily comprises five components, each working in concert to perform different tasks from data and design, to composition and delivery through the document production process. While DocBase, the core of the solution ingests data from business applications, defined by the template, for production, packaging and delivery to multiple channels; DocRepo is the central repository storing all document components like text blocks, templates, images, attachments etc. DocDesign is a designers' tool used to create templates with embedded rules, to meet simple to complex design and branding specifications. DocWrite is the business users' authoring tool to interactively populate documents and forms, to meet personalized and individualized communication requirements of individual clients or client groups. DocAdmin and DocAdmin Console are used to manage users and promote documents and components through environments, and to manage and control production jobs in DocBase respectively.

DocFamily is based on open standards to ensure a seamless integration into current and future core and business systems. It is fully Unicode-based and thus supports different languages with different character sets, including Arabic and Asian languages.

Our clients using DocFamily have reduced customer support costs, increased efficiencies in managing branding and content, while responding to changing regulation and compliance requirements, resulting in higher levels of customer loyalty through providing individualized and timely communications.


  • Scalable, from a pilot project for a specific department or document type, to an enterprise wide platform deployed across offices worldwide.
  • Easily integrated with existing and future systems and complimenting applications such as CRM, BI tools, marketing and campaign management systems etc.
  • Easy to use by the business user with intuitive and interactive capabilities
  • Multilingual document generation
  • Multiple output channel options