Business Adapters for bi-directional data flow

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ComFoundation is a collaborative and comprehensive Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform. ComFoundation can be easily implemented into a customer environment with ready-to-use adapters for various existing core business applications and third party technologies. A tight integration with core banking applications such as Avaloq, Finnova, and SAP, including third party technologies for CRM, email, fax, archiving etc., enables bi-directional data flow within these applications to be used in any customer communication. Moreover, the ComFoundation CCM platform is able to feed back information to the source systems for future re-use.

ComFoundation can collaborate transactional data from the core system, customer data from CRM, investment proposals from the Advisory System, and PDF files from a database to create a single document package for delivery through the output channel of choice.




  • Industry neutral solution
  • Simple to implement
  • Easy to use
  • Agile and flexible
  • Bi-directional integration
  • Easy integration to existing systems


What does ComFoundation do?

  • Connects with existing and future third party applications
  • Receives acquired business data as well as documents from applications
  • Creates customized documents based on rules through batch, ad hoc, and interactive mode
  • Condenses documents into packages for simultaneous delivery through different output channels